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The Lord of the Rings Online | PC | Free to Play
| Direct Download | STEAM |

Genre: Free to Play, RPG, Massively Multiplayer
Developer: Turbine, Inc.
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment  
Release Date: 6 Jun 2012
Languages: English*, French*, German*

About the Game
In The Lord of the Rings Online™, join the world’s greatest fellowship of players in the award-winning online re-creation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary Middle-earth. From the crumbling, shadowed ruins of Weathertop to the ageless, golden wood of Lothl√≥rien, immerse yourself in Middle-earth as you have never seen it before. Visit the peaceful, verdant fields of the Shire, brave the dark depths of the Mines of Moria, and raise a pint at the Prancing Pony in Bree!

Key Features:
    Explore the Massive World of Middle-earth: Immerse yourself in the award-winning recreation of the beloved fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien through renowned locations including the Shire, the Mines of Moria, and Lothl√≥rien.
    Create & Advance Your Hero: Advance to level 75 with thousands of character customization possibilities. 4 races, 9 classes, 10 professions, 7 vocations, plus over 1,000 titles, skills and traits
    Solo & Co-op Skirmishes: Dive into instant adventure alongside friends or customizable AI soldiers in exciting, scalable battles!
    Legendary Items: Design and customize your own legendary weapons of immense power like Bilbo’s Sting or Gandalf’s Glamdring!
    Play as a Monster: Fight as a servant of Sauron against other players in intense PvMP Combat!
    Craft Your Own Gear: Farm crops in the fertile fields of the Shire or let your hammer ring in the Dwarven halls Ered Luin.
    Free Online Play: No monthly fees required.
The Lord of the Rings Online PLAY NOW!

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 - 1.8GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB Free Space
    • Video Card: 64MB GPU with pixel shader 1.1 support (NVIDIA Geforce 3 or AMD Radeon 8500)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 - 2.8GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 15 GB Free Space
    • Video Card: 128MB GPU with pixel shader 2.0 support (NVIDIA Geforce 6800 or AMD Radeon 9600)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c

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